AW19 — Empire — New Season Press Pack

Bold. Sleek. Eclectic. The Empire Collection has arrived.

3 July 2019
Following the springtime success of Bloom, Kit Heath is now proud to introduce its newest arrival — the Empire collection.

Perhaps Kit Heath’s strongest storyline so far, The Empire Collection takes the drama of Art Deco design, and gives it a thoroughly contemporary and imaginative makeover.

The result is a collection of sleekly beautiful geometric forms and polished surfaces designed to evolve the confidence of the Kit Heath woman.

The 1930s Art Deco movement replaced the soft curves of Art Nouveau with an altogether sharper aesthetic. Bold patterns and pure geometry began to influence design everywhere from ocean liners and buildings to fashion and jewellery in a riot of glamour and exuberance.

Kit Heath Empire Collection AW19

With such a dramatic and diverse design movement as its inspiration, the impact of the new collection is inescapably bold and evocative, with an easy grandeur; exciting statement pieces that are at once impressive and empowering.

This is a collection made for layering; indeed, the pieces thrive on mixing even more than matching. Elegant chains carry many engravable pieces that are nonetheless strikingly eye-catching in their own right. Two-sided reversible designs give customers the option to create multiple looks from single pieces. At key price-points, the new collection boasts an average price of RRP £80 with a strong focus on personalisation at both ends of the spectrum, from entry level to statement pieces.

Kit is no stranger to the Art Deco movement, with influences from both sides of the Atlantic. The Heaths had family connections in Manhattan, and Kit spent many summers absorbing the majestic Art Deco architecture of New York City and his grandparents’ stunning Deco jewellery collection.

A life in Devon brought yet more inspiration, where the heritage of Agatha Christie intensified his passion for stylised design.

The Empire Collection — the latest chapter in the enduring Kit Heath story of design passion and craftsmanship will be available to trade customers from 16 July 2019.

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